Hi! I am Arti. A Bangalore based Fashion Designer and Celebrity Stylist.

Born to an Army father and a wonderful nature lover mother in Nashik, India I was raised in different cities between various culture and traditions. I still did most of my schooling in Uttarakhand, India. Though an artist by nature since childhood, I realised my inclination for creative field very late in life but I feel extremely grateful to realize it before college. I have finished B.Des. and specialized in Fashion Design from NIFT Bengaluru. I did my internship with Arvind Goodhill and learned a lot there in terms of the impact that small details can create on clothes. The cluster project with Lambani embroidery at Sandur Kushal Kala Kendra introduced me to non ending world of Indian textile and the unlimited opportunities to explore it. I love all things poetic and artistic and so working with artists, it’s like food for my soul. Other than that, I style for various occasions that is important for you! From wedding shoots to an important interview, from red carpet to just like that, I’ve got you covered!